The Covenant of Team Rohan Elite


Often times you’ll hear words to describe kids that are more based on image, rather than what you’re actually trying to create. Yet, if we’ve done our job teaching and they’ve done their job learning, that is what they’re leaving with. When kids come to Team Rohan Elite, it’s understood that we’re going to help them get better. It’s our covenant which is based on three fundamental pillars.


The 3 Pillars of Team Rohan Elite are




Hard work. Our kids learn to grind. If you’re not honest with yourself, if you don’t have the integrity to know, “I work, I’m not trying to get over and I’m not trying to be lazy. I have that work ethic, it’s been created and I understand what it means.” That’s industriousness.



Servant Leadership  

We teach them to be great teammates. We teach them to care more about the other person than themselves. Every one of these kids, from the 12th man to starters, at some point may be thrust into a leadership position, and they’ll be prepared for it. The only way to create joy in life is by doing for others.



Kind Heart  

Having a kind heart is trying to bring joy to at least one person every day. It doesn’t matter who it is. Being a player here isn’t just about playing basketball.  There comes a great responsibility when you play for this program. That means taking time to teach the underclassmen, serving their communities and doing well in school.



It’s a covenant. It’s what makes us different. We’re focused on developing young men and women for when they leave us; it’s the fundamentals that we want to help develop within themselves. The kids who want to come to this program and try to show us who they are, won’t come here. The kids who understand we’re trying to help them grow in these areas, will.



This covenant does not define us, nor does it define our program. It’s what we try to get each of these young men and women to leave with.



It’s our job is to look after the kids of Team Rohan Elite and love them. Their job is to look after and love each other.  If they come with the right frame of mind and the desire to get better, they will leave Team Rohan Elite with the three pillars:  Industriousness, Servant Leadership and a Kind Heart.    


                 John Calipari, University of Kentucky